From A to B

Take the public transport

Of course, the best way to get to the h_da is by public transport. On the way, you can relax, study or make contacts. Thanks to the semester ticket, this is also the cheapest solution. And if the bus has just left or the bus stop is too far away, you can easily take the HeinerLiner within Darmstadt. By the way: With your semester ticket you even get a discount on the basic price of the HeinerLiner.


CampusCard is also an RMV-AStA semester ticket

Your CampusCard with the RMV-AStA-Semesterticket endorsement, together with a valid identity card (photo ID), is valid as a ticket in the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV). It is generally valid on all buses, trams, underground and suburban trains and on local trains (Regionalbahn, StadtExpress, RegionalExpress). Journeys on IC, EC or ICE trains are excluded from the semester ticket, and a surcharge is payable on some special buses or trains, such as the HEAG-Airliner.

This far and no further

The area covered by the Semesterticket corresponds to the area covered by the RMV. In the south, however, the semester ticket extends as far as Lützelsachsen (in the direction of Heidelberg / Mannheim south of Weinheim) thanks to a special agreement with the Verkehrsbund-Rhein-Neckar (VRN). To the north, the Semesterticket can be used in the transition area of the North Hessian Transport Association (NVV). If you wish to travel beyond the area covered by the NVV, you can purchase connecting tickets from the border stations. In some connecting transport associations, it is possible to purchase a connecting semester ticket.

In some special cases (e.g. during a stay abroad), you can apply for a refund of the semester fee for the semester ticket from the General Students' Committee (AStA). You can find out the exact conditions there. Bicycles are generally free of charge on the RMV. However, bicycles can only be taken along within the limits of the available space, whereby other passengers, prams or wheelchair users naturally have priority.

Accidentally fare evasion?

If you ever forget your CampusCard and are checked, don't pay the fine immediately, but get a payment request and hand in your CampusCard at the train station or at an RMV counter. Then you will only have to pay a processing fee of about 7.00 euros. Further information can be found on the AStA website.

Why not combine the two?

The HeinerLiner is the on-demand shuttle of the transport company HEAG mobilo. It runs around the clock on weekends and takes you from A to B within Darmstadt in an uncomplicated way, for example, if the bus and train are not running at the moment or the next stop is too far away. Simply book and pay for your journey in the app (iOS/Android). Speaking of paying: With your semester ticket, you benefit from the reduced basic fare of 1.20 euros; journeys of less than one kilometre cost a flat rate of 1.20 euros.

Car and public transport?

If there are no attractive scheduled connections to the nearest train station at your place of residence, "Park + Ride" (P + R) may be a good alternative for you to cover a large part of the distance by public transport. Simply park your car at one of the many special "P + R" spaces in the immediate vicinity of the station and continue your journey by bus or train. The P + R in Hessen portal provides a clear overview of all "P + R" spaces.

Ride as often as you like for up to 60 minutes free of charge

For distances that can be covered without any problems, the bicycle is of course always the best choice! The AStA has negotiated the use of a bicycle rental system for h_da students. The bikes can be borrowed after a one-time registration. And the best thing is: students can borrow bicycles free of charge as often as they like for up to 60 minutes anywhere in Darmstadt. You can find more information about the bike rental system on the AStA website.

Carpooling can be practical

For those who are dependent on the car as a means of transport to get to the h_da despite the semester ticket, carpooling offers a good alternative. One example of a carpooling network is "flinc", which was even founded by h_da graduates. You can use "flinc" to find rides to or from the university. This not only saves money, but also parking space and does something for the environment. Just give it a try. Registration at:


Share a car

If you do need a car, there is an inexpensive car-sharing offer for h_da students in the Rhine-Main area. You can find more information on the AStA website.


The irritating topic of parking

Students who (have to) come to the university by car - ideally, of course, with a carpool - don't have it easy: parking spaces are rare, as they are everywhere, both at the central campus around the high-rise building and at the other h_da locations in Adelungstraße, on Mathildenhöhe and around the campus in Dieburg. At the moment, there are still a few freely accessible parking spaces on the university grounds.

A few parking spaces

Around the high-rise building, parking spaces are mainly located in the area between the hydraulic engineering hall (building B13) and the new chemistry and biotechnology building (building B15). If you are lucky, you may also be able to find a free parking space at the campus in Dieburg. If you need to get to the central campus in Darmstadt or to the Department of Social Work in Adelungstraße, we recommend the "Marienplatz" car park in Hügelstraße opposite the Aral petrol station. You can park your car here for a small daily fee and get to the campus quickly on foot.

Checks are frequent

Be careful when parking around the h_da, as there are some places where parking is prohibited and the public order office checks frequently.

So many alternatives

So maybe you'd rather use public transport, the bicycle, a car pool or "Park + Ride". In the near future, parking space management is also to be introduced at the h_da, which will further limit the number of free parking spaces.