Get involved

Commitment pays off

Have your say!

Of course, we know that you don't have much time for other things besides your studies - maybe you even have to work part-time. But getting involved in university politics is worth it! You will be rewarded with good contacts to fellow students, professors and university staff, with important experience of how democracy works, with a sense of achievement when you make your voice heard and convince others of the importance of an issue, and with benefits such as BAföG, where voluntary work is recognised.


The university thrives on participation

So, take heart. Because higher education thrives on participation. Here we briefly introduce the most important committees for students. Of course, there is a whole range of other commissions and committees in which student participation is also planned.


Detailed information on the AStA website

You can find more detailed information about committee work at the university on the website of the General Students' Committee (Allgemeinen Studierendenausschusses "AStA").